We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Sally Pussey's world-famous Carvery will be back in full swing this Sunday just in time for Father's Day!

Our knives fell still back on Mothering Sunday so we feel there's no better time than Father's Day to pick them back up, give them a sharpen and get back to it!

Live and Fresh from 12 Noon this Sunday!

Pre-Order is NOT available! We want to offer you that authentic Carvery experience and serve you exactly what you want and like!

Adults £10
Children's £7


Can I book? 

If you're taking the Carvery away there is no need to book simply queue up. However, if you would like to eat in - we have limited seating but you will need to book a space using our homepage. 

Do you off delivery?

No, unfortunately, we don't at the moment. It might be something for the future though!

How long will the wait be? 

We're extremely efficient at what we do so we don't imagine the queue to take long to pass through the carvery. 

Can I have all three types of meat?

Of course, those are the rules!

Can I use your toilet?

We have a strict one-way system around our premises therefore only those who are eating in are able to use our facilities. ​

Can we sit on the grass out the front?

We have introduced a new picnicking space on the grass out the front. ​Please make sure you are practising social distancing whilst using this space from Saturday 4th July.

How much is the Carvery?

£10 for Adults 

£7 for Children 

Does this replace the roast baps?

Yes. Although we have plenty of our delicious bread rolls so if that's what you fancy we can make you a bap!

Do we have to go inside to collect the roast?

Yes, you do. You will have to pass through our one-way system around our carvery following strict social distancing measures. 

Our amazing chefs will be on hand to help you with your selection and seal and pack your takeaway before you exit.

What time are you serving?

12 Noon until we run out!!

Do you have a beer garden?

We do have a beer garden and from Saturday 4th July you will be able to use it!

Can we bring our own plates or bowls?

Yes of course. That would be a great help if you're taking away - we can provide foil! If you're eating in there is no need to bring your own plates. 

Can we sit in the restaurant?

Have you been hiding under a rock?? No!

Pussey's Pints 

We're serving a whole host of Takeaway Drinks to accommodate your Carvery.

The Bar offers Draft Bottle Beer to take home and enjoy as well as 2 Pint Drafts containers which can be placed in a nifty cartoon so you won't spill a drop on your travels!

Nothing say's Father's Day better than a Carvery and a Pint.

Sweet Treats!

We have the FULL RANGE of Marshfield Ice-Cream products. Everything from Fruit Pops to 350ml Tubs. Perfect for the family to enjoy this Father's Day!

Doughnuts, FreakShakes & More!

How good does Lotus Biscoff Doughnuts look or Doughnuts with Nutella Drizzled over the top? We have a doughnut stand in our car park where you can each either of these options.

FREAKSHAKES - because a regular milkshake isn't enough. Milkshakes with all the extras are also being served on Sunday so come on down!

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